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Sakura Japanese Language School - Kathmandu Nepal

Sakura Japanese Language School - Kathmandu Nepal

Sakura Japanese Language School - Kathmandu Nepal

Welcome to Sakura Japanese language school.
First of all I would like to inform that sakura Japanese language school has been serving to Nepalese people who are willing to go Japan for different purpose. Basically Sakura School teach Japanese language, culture & lifestyle to the students of different age group.
Learning language is not only knowing letters, but also making wide knowledge about the things, that are not visible. Japan is a ancient country, generally known as "sunsire nation".  Japan is known universally as mysterious and attractive country with its norms, values and unique in style.
Japan as an asian country is rich in tradition & culture. We can perceive this country in different way. One of the easiest way is Japanese language.
It a mirror of Japan that can reflect the clear image of modern Japan  with tradition.  
Lets join our hands to swim in the ocean of Japanese language.
Sakura Japanese Language School (SJLS) has been running under the portfolio of Sakura Foundation (P.) Ltd. In order to impart the right approach to Japanese Language study and to let the interested Nepalese students to know about Japanese culture, tradition, lifestyle, etc.
SJLS was duly established in 2000 with Government of Nepal's concerned authority's approval.
Sakura is a well known flower in
Japan (National flower of Japan). It is called "Paiyun" and "Cherry" in Nepali and English respectively.
Sakura gives it majestic bloom throughout
Japan from the end of March till the first week of April. That's the time when new academic session and fiscal year also begin in Japan

Phone: 977-1-4782-846/478

Fax : 977-1-4781-570

Shankhamul-34, Kshitiz Marg (near Shankhamul Bridge)
New Baneshwor G.P.O. Box: 20181

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